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The mobility scenario is constantly, rapidly evolving, thanks to the convergence of widespread devices, ever higher performance, and reliable technologies. Remote data sharing technologies create new business and interaction opportunities in every field, from technical support to sales force automation.

Communications – wireless, new voice and data telephone standards – also bring added value to professionally built solutions. The solutions developed by NORDELETTRONICA’s partner network in the area of mobile computing are intended for both the public administration sector and companies operating in the production and marketing of goods and services.



The problems inherent to the distribution of goods have increased dramatically in recent times, due to the ever-increasing competitiveness of companies and the need to act in real time, combined with optimisation of cost management: many components are thus involved, from Logistics to Sales to Administration, passing through EDP.
The intelligent answer to this type of problem is the use of handheld computers: they make it possible to organize warehouse activities starting from the entry of goods, then from the necessary control over them; to verify the physical existence of the products, to quickly and accurately inventory what is actually present, highlighting any deviations; to prepare the material to be shipped, immediately verifying correspondence with what is expected, signaling inconsistencies or errors in picking; to transfer the data acquired to the central information system, thus providing it with the necessary information bases extremely rapidly.

Allows you to have at any time the situation, updated in real time, of the articles in one or more warehouses. The application can manage several thousand articles, while keeping the stock situation in memory for long periods. It is also possible to check returns of goods from customers and to suppliers. Furthermore, it is possible to print real-time situations on any printer. Interfacing with optical barcode readers is foreseen.

The package provides for the management of the loading and turning of the lorry. In fact, the setting of the programme ensures not only the guarantee that the material has been picked up, but also the placement of the load on the lorry according to the delivery round to be made, and verifies, by means of bar codes, that the deliveries are correctly made.


Administration and public bodies

By interfacing with probes of various types (humidity, pressure, etc.), numerous applications have been realized for the detection of data concerning the quality of the environment. This has been used both in the health sector (pollution monitoring) and in the conservation of artistic heritage.

This procedure was realized for the detection of employee attendance, by means of magnetic or optical badges, within institutes, museums, etc. with independent and autonomous intelligent systems, instead of fixed stations, necessarily connected to a central computer. The detection terminal can be connected on-line with any central computer system for downloading the detection data.

The increase in competences in the management of the municipal territory with a supervisory role, in compliance with ministerial regulations and the provisions contained in the formal orders of the Mayor, suggests that the Municipal Police should adopt innovative tools and systems to manage the activities of its officers. No more notepads, street directories and regulations to consult, and users satisfied with a much better service. A handheld computer now allows officers to record and/or contest the data of each vehicle, take a photograph, and issue infringement reports, reserving for the offices the problems that follow the issue of a report: filling out forms, dispatch, accounting and management of the postal account, etc.

One of the typical problems of public bodies, companies, etc. is that of periodic inventories of their assets. A valid solution has been developed using terminals that considerably speed up and allow an “online” control of the correct operation.

In University Libraries, the main source of inconvenience is the identification of users, together with the identification of texts. By means of a terminal, equipped with a magnetic card reader and barcodes, every need of this kind is positively satisfied. The same application can also be adapted to collateral sectors such as canteens and services in general.

In ticketing and verification operations on board vehicles (buses, ferries, etc.) and in car parks, a valid solution has been developed with hand-held terminals, capable of issuing tickets and checking passes, also by reading cards of various kinds (magnetic cards, etc.).

NORDELETTRONICA idee e tecnologie in movimento
NORDELETTRONICA idee e tecnologie in movimento

Distribution and trade

The marketing of a good is a moment of paramount importance in the production process of any company; customers with little time available, numerous visits to make, errors or misunderstandings always lurking are just some of the factors that can make this phase difficult.
The solution allows you to consult the customer and product list, organizing your visit cycle in the best possible way, minimizing wastage of time and resources, and to capture the customer’s order with the accounting status and the products normally collected from each customer and those available, as well as any promotional campaigns or special offers. The acquired data is sent to the central information system, thus providing the necessary information bases extremely quickly and eliminating errors and data re-entry times.

The application is used for the sales force of a company and consists primarily of taking over the order and transmitting it to the head office; in this activity, the salesman has the possibility of having all the news concerning the customer, from an accounting point of view, and the availability of the material. Possibility of printing and connection via modem.

The need of companies involved in surveying opinions at large sales outlets, or in mobile premises in general, is to speed up and control on-line the correctness of the sequences and the congruity between questions and answers; by means of SERI, this becomes possible, simply by organizing the questionnaires and the possible answers by means of barcodes. Several thousand interviews were recorded, and subsequently sent by modem to Headquarters for statistical processing.

The procedure manages the entire loading and unloading phase of the van/mobile warehouse, with the issue of a bill/invoice and registration of movements. The solution, complete with dot matrix printer, is easily transportable thanks to its small size and extremely low weight. The management software allows the storage of movements and data transmission from/to personal or mini computer.

Until recently, Merchandising surveys at shops and shopping centres were carried out by hand, with obvious problems in transcribing data and slow processing of information. This system greatly simplifies these operations, as it is based on a palmtop with specific software for the correct recording of data; furthermore, it is possible to send all the information collected during the survey period via modem.

For all companies involved in technical assistance, it is now finally possible to catalogue and record repair and/or maintenance operations with a portable system . In fact, the application provides for quick entry of operations, and their download to computer systems, with the possibility of consulting archives also via telephone network.

The solution for catering uses robust and reliable radio frequency terminals and software for complete management of the operation on a personal computer.


Electricity, water and gas services

Today, companies that provide services or energy also aim to increase their efficiency and competitiveness by reducing operating costs, as well as improving the service offered to their customers. This enables companies to optimize their investments, with a concomitant increase in profitability, and a better relationship with their customers, as well as benefiting the everyday life of the meter operator. It is also possible to acquire a photograph of the meter.

This application is very similar to an attempted sale, with its own specifications for Liquid Gas and/or Gasoil, for civil and/or industrial use, in cylinders and/or on tanks. The functionality is very simple: after having dispensed the fuel, the meter is read and then the service is invoiced on the basis of the archives resident on the terminal together with the price list. All these steps are carried out with a portable terminal and a portable printer.

Settori logistica
NORDELETTRONICA idee e tecnologie in movimento

Automation and quality control

This application was developed to check working times and methods by recording sequences and times on portable systems. The recorded data are transmitted on systems or personal computers for any statistical processing.

The application relates to quality testing in motor vehicles: each test driver, when road-testing the car, enters all the relevant data via a barcode reader, with any faults encountered and the relevant demerit awarded; this way, the quality of car production can be increased.

The system is suitable for all companies that need to reprogram PLCs and similar devices. It makes it possible to keep several processing stages or work programmes in memory. The solution is suitable for any type of PLC with RS-232 communication.

The systems have in several cases been used for monitoring industrial processes, replacing or integrating a pre-existing computer system. In fact, it is possible to have a situation of the system’s functions and at the same time manage alerts and/or printouts in real time. The advantage of having a system is its flexibility of use, as it is easily transportable without taking up space, and does not require a continuous mains power supply.

All major brands of topographic instrumentation use our products to store the data measured by the instruments, so that it can be entered into the personal computer without retyping.


Agriculture and animal husbandry

Various institutes and associations have developed software applications installed on portable terminals for cataloguing livestock farms in general. This system allows a fast real time cataloguing of the herd with the possibility of verifying the state of health and correct growth of the animals, as well as the parameters concerning milk production. Identification is by means of a barcode or tag.

Milk collection from cattle and sheep farms presents a series of procedures whose processing times, using portable terminals, can be considerably reduced.

NORDELETTRONICA idee e tecnologie in movimento
NORDELETTRONICA idee e tecnologie in movimento


The procedure is suitable for the management of hospital records: the collection of the patient’s clinical data takes place with a hand-held terminal, the collected data is transferred to central computer systems for patient management; afterwards, the patient’s treatment is returned to the terminal, based on the doctor’s diagnosis. Barcodes can be used for folder and patient identification.

One of the most significant aspects of the relationship between the hospital institution and patients is the serving of meals, which is often one of the most heartfelt complaints by patients. Well-known groups specialising in catering and canteens set themselves the objective of creating a reliable system, which would allow them to obtain the appropriate data, thus obtaining all the information to be able to provide an exact and timely supply, to the satisfaction of both the users and the clinical facility; the solution was created by equipping the staff with computers with integrated optical pen, and special management software to guide the operators in their activities.


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